Why is it so hard to find a healthy, satisfying breakfast on the go? And why do so many breakfast sandwiches have bacon – but so few have veggie bacon? We set out to create a breakfast menu that would address all these issues and more. From grab and go goodies to our healthy breakfast sandwiches, we’ve created options for everyone, whether you’re vegan, gluten-free or a straight up omnivore.

Exclusively available at our Kent & Slater, Bloor & Church and Exchange Tower locations!

Breakfast Sandwiches

Our hearty, convenient sandwiches start with a toasty English Muffin then layer nutritious, flavourful ingredients like sharp cheddar, roasted mushrooms, veggie bacon and tender egg whites. Paired with a drip coffee or smoothie, it’s a seriously satisfying start to any day.


We tasted dozens of coffees from around the world before settling on these Colombian beans. We went for medium-bodied blends that are smooth yet flavourful, and top-of-the-line Swiss Water Decaf coffees for people avoiding caffeine.

The most important part? All of our beans are Rainforest Alliance certified, which means they’re better for the planet, the community and the people growing them.