How we source

Every amazing meal starts with great ingredients. And we take sourcing very seriously – looking for quality, consistency, sustainability and mindfulness in production in everything we buy.

Sourcing is all about building great relationships. When we choose a supplier, we don’t just look at their ingredients – we take the time to meet them face-to-face and visit their facilities, to ensure we can personally stand behind everything in your bowl. We love working with smaller farms. The love, care and passion they put into their product is contagious. Many of our key suppliers are small outfits, with a small-farm mentality of patience and care. But they are ready and excited to grow with us, so we can introduce more people to their amazing products.

And we don’t just apply this mindset to the food we serve. We’re committed to 100% plant based, compostable packaging. Which means everything from our takeout bowls to our cutlery can be composted – diverting thousands of pounds of waste from the landfill every year.

Voltigeurs Farm

What we get from them: Chicken
What makes them special: Voltigeurs Farm is a family-run company that has kept their commitment to quality and taste, even as they’ve grown. It means so much to have someone we trust growing our chickens.

Most chicken farms grow their birds as quickly as possible, in as little space as possible. It’s bad for the chickens, leading to more disease and sickness. And frankly, it just doesn’t taste as good. At Voltigeurs Farm, chickens have more room to move around, and more time to grow.

And the real difference comes in how the chickens are fed. The good people at Voltigeurs give the chickens what they really want: grains. Unlike most commercial farms, these chickens get all-vegetable feed with no animal byproducts. It’s healthier for the chickens, and so much more flavourful for you.

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Voltigeurs Farms Chicken
Sustainable Blue Salmon

Sustainable Blue

What we get from them: Salmon
What makes them special: Farmed salmon has a bad reputation – and for good reason. Most farms use open net pens, which have a terrible impact on their surrounding environment, and on the health of the fish.

But Sustainable Blue is different. To quote Kirk Havercroft, the CEO of Sustainable Blue, “To the best of our knowledge Sustainable blue is the only 0% discharge land based salt water aquaculture facility in the world.” That means there’s no harmful waste impacting the outside environment. And they don’t give their fish antibiotics or growth hormones.

Sustainable Blue is one of the very few farms that feed their salmon from natural, sustainable, marine-based sources…not “land animal protein” like the chicken byproducts the other guys use.

In a nutshell, these guys pay more attention to detail – and quality – than anyone else. The result? A leaner, more flavourful fish. It’s how salmon should taste.

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