Mad Radish Store

Gourmet Fast Foods

You’ve known and loved Mad Radish for years now, but did you know that Mad Radish Gourmet Fast Foods is a family of brands on a mission to elevate fast food and transform the way people think about healthy eating? Our namesake restaurant, Mad Radish, offers internationally inspired bowls, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and craveable desserts. At Luisa’s Burritos & Bowls, you’ll find hand-crafted burritos made with fresh, South American inspired ingredients. Both brands can be ordered through the Mad Radish app, and at select Mad Radish locations.

Made-to-order, built to travel.

We’ve created chef-driven menus that combine high-end culinary techniques with the best quality proteins, veggies and grains we can lay our hands on. Our housemade and fresh cooked ingredients will satisfy any appetite and our big, bold flavours delight flexitarians, vegans and everyone in between. And most importantly, we serve it up in an efficient, convenient way – so you’ll always have time for a healthy meal, whether you’re taking a lunch break or grabbing a bite between classes. With the Mad Radish app you can order.

Responsible Sourcing

Our brands share a common philosophy: food should taste as good as it makes you feel. And you can’t have good food without great ingredients. So, we take our sourcing very seriously, working with local farmers whenever possible and rigorously vetting every vendor we work with. And whenever we include protein on our menu, we make sure it comes from the highest quality, most sustainable producers we can find. But our commitment doesn’t end with our food. Whenever possible, we use 100% plant based, compostable packaging, from our takeout bowls to our cutlery.