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Reinventing the salad

We got tired of playing hide-and-seek between a sea of romaine lettuce and the ingredients we really wanted. So we thought, why not make our salads fun to eat? Instead of using the best ingredients as a garnish, we make them the star of the show.

Chef-driven food

Why are our salads so delicious?

Meet Nigel Finley, our Executive Chef. A rising star in Canada’s fine dining scene, Nigel is our resident flavour evangelist. If it’s not crave-worthy, if it’s not exciting…it’s not going on the menu. Period.

NIgel Finley

Taste good,
feel good,
do good

At Mad Radish, you can give back to a low-income community every time you eat with us. Through our partnership with Community Food Centres Canada, we donate one serving of fresh produce every time you order online or through our app.



No more sad salad chicken

Tired of the sad cubes of chicken you find in most salads?

We roast and carve our chicken in-house. Every day. So it tastes like, you know, chicken. Sourced from a family-run farm in Quebec, our chickens are humanely raised and grain-fed. And you can taste the difference.

Learn more about our sourcing philosophy here.

Roasted Chicken Spicy

Made from scratch

Scratch cooking means not cutting corners when it comes to great taste. It means slicing corn off the cob, not reheating frozen kernels. It means prepping our produce fresh every day, not buying it pre-bagged. It’s like eating home-cooked. Only you don’t have to cook it.

Something for everyone

We designed our menus with every taste in mind. Want something rich, satisfying…and vegan? We’ve got you. Trying to cut out gluten? No problem. Need something rich in protein after a gym session? Roger that. We want you to leave our stores happy, no matter what you’re craving.

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Food WE want to eat

David Segal founded Mad Radish because he was tired of boring salads. From fad diets to “healthy” new ingredients, people seemed to be focusing on everything but flavour. At Mad Radish, we’re proving that good-for-you can taste amazing, too.

Learn more about food and nutrition here.

David Segal