Mad Radish Store

Why we’re here

We believe that people want to eat food that makes them feel great.

So why are there ten fast food shops for every healthy restaurant? Why is it so hard to find nourishing food that actually tastes amazing? Mad Radish is here to change all that. We’ve created a chef-driven menu that combines high-end culinary techniques with the best quality veggies, grains and proteins we can lay our hands on. And most importantly, we serve it up in an efficient, convenient way – so you’ll always have time for a healthy meal, whether you’re on your way home from work or grabbing a bite between classes.

Our commitment? To make healthy food for busy people – because in today’s time-starved reality, we need nourishment more than ever. And even if you only have five minutes to grab a meal, you deserve real food, made from scratch, that makes you feel good. Isn’t that what food is all about?

Nutrition isn’t an afterthought

Whenever we create a new menu item, we think about nutrition from day one. It’s important to us that every item on our menu eats like a meal. That means balancing fibre, protein, heart-healthy fats and complex carbs – and cutting out refined sugar and saturated fat. Our meals go way beyond the stereotype of healthy eating as “rabbit food.” Instead of a bowl of lettuce, you’re getting everything from fibre-rich nuts and seeds to hearty grains and in-house marinated proteins. So whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore, you’ll leave feeling full and satisfied.

Crave new world

It’s not enough that our food be satisfying and packed with nutrients. It also has to taste amazing. We spend months fine-tuning our recipes to create healthy meals that leave a lasting impression. Nutritious food shouldn’t feel like you’re sacrificing on flavour – it should be every bit as exciting as that slice of pizza around the corner. And unlike the pizza, our food will leave you feeling amazing afterwards. Because the first step to eating right is craving right.

Tasty Salads

Chef-driven food

Let’s face it. Pretty much anyone can chop a carrot or put greens in a bowl. At Mad Radish, we bring you unique and creative ingredients, techniques and flavour combos, from the smoked mushrooms in our Smoky Caesar, to the pickled radishes in our Fired Up Chicken or any one of our tasty, made-from-scratch dressings. We are constantly improving our recipes, and we update our menu with the seasons – so there’s always something new and exciting to try.

Chef Driven Food

Two words: responsible sourcing

You can’t have good food without great ingredients. So we take our sourcing very seriously, working with local farmers whenever possible and rigorously vetting every vendor we work with. And whenever we include fish or chicken on our menu, we make sure it comes from the highest quality, most sustainable producers we can find. But our commitment doesn’t end with our food. We also use 100% plant based, compostable packaging, from our takeout bowls to our cutlery. Now that’s food you can feel good about.

Fresh Ingredients Sourcing