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Whether you’re planning a party, a big meeting or just a get-together with family and friends, make it memorable with tasty, nutritious shareable salads and warm bowls.


Featured Salad:
Vegan Chili Bowl

Just in time for the chilly weather, Chef Nigel Finley has created a comforting, rib-sticking warm bowl, with house-made vegan chili, crunchy veggies and a zippy cilantro-lime vinaigrette.


Taste good,
feel good,
do good.

Through our partnership with Community Food Centres Canada, we donate one serving of fresh produce every time you order through your account.


The Truth About Detoxing

Planning a detox or cleanse to get your diet back on track? You might want to read this first. Sure, a week of purification sounds attractive…but there’s just one problem: it’s a scam.

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