Helping Kids Eat Right and Feel Bright

It’s amazing how much healthy food helps our kids feel and do their best. Nutrient-rich foods support cognitive functions like memory and concentration. Essential nutrients help brain development so that kids can learn and thrive at school.

And developing a taste for healthy food when we’re young helps establish lifelong habits that will reduce the risk of chronic diseases later in life.

So, with 30% of Canadian children battling obesity and unhealthy weight, we say it’s time for schools to replace pizza days with delicious food that supports the health of our kids while teaching them to love foods that help them feel strong and bright.


At Mad Radish, we’re parents too, and we’ve been so disappointed by the food at our kids’ schools that we decided to take action. Packed with protein, fibre and nutrients, we know that our Lil’ Bowls are a great fit for school lunch programs.

So, we decided to drop the price as low as $5.50, making these craveable bowls as affordable as possible. And because they are served at schools, they are tax-exempt!

With a full serving of oven-roasted protein, brown rice, 2-3 ingredients and one of our mouthwatering dressings, this bowl might be little but it packs a punch.

Kids can choose between chicken or tofu and timid palates can skip the dressing. Note: the Mexican Caesar dressing has a little kick.

Our chicken is halal-certified, raised in Ontario and 100% natural.


We’re working with the schools in our communities to accommodate their ordering needs and make the program easy and convenient. Let’s all support happy, healthy childhoods for our amazing kids and make a lasting impact on their lives. 

We understand that each school has unique requirements and. we’re happy to accommodate whenever possible, so let’s connect to see what works best for you.

Contact or call the program’s director, Stephanie Howarth (514-688-1247) to learn more about bringing Lil’ Bowls to your school.


Will the bowls be labeled and easy to distribute?

We will group and label the bowls for easy distribution. We can pack and label per classroom or in whichever way is best for your school!

Does the price include forks?

It sure does and our forks, bowls and lids are plant-based and compostable!

What is the ordering process?

Schools collect the orders and the payments from parents and submit the orders to Mad Radish as often as they like. There is no long-term commitment and we don’t require that orders be consistent from week to week or delivered on the same days from week to week.

How much notice does Mad Radish need?

48 hours ahead of delivery time.

What is the minimum order?

We know that it takes time to change old habits and bowls might be new to some kids. So, we’re starting with a 20-bowl minimum order per delivery to give your school time to get the word out. If you’re picking up the bowls, there’s no minimum.

What is the delivery fee?

It’s $15 in Ottawa and $30 in Toronto