Food Questions

Where do you source your ingredients?

In our sourcing, we focus as much as we can on getting the best quality produce we can, as locally as possible. There is some amazing produce coming from Ontario and Quebec, and we celebrate the effort and hard work put in by our local farmers. We are proud to work with some amazing vendors close to home, such as The New Farm for greens and Voltiguers Farm for chicken. Of course, due to weather and seasonality, we will sometimes source certain produce from the US or further south to ensure our customers get the best product possible (sadly, oranges and avocadoes don’t grow in Ontario!).

Learn more about our sourcing philosophy here.

Where can I find nutritional information?

We provide detailed nutritional information about everything on our menu. You can find a nutritional table for each item on its product page, either on our website or on the Mad Radish app. We also include the nutritional values for protein, fibre, fat, carbs and energy on our printed menus in store.

Read more about our nutrition philosophy here.

Are your ingredients organic?

The short answer? As much as we can. Our goal is to consistently give our customers the best quality, most delicious food possible. Whenever we have the option to go organic, we are glad to do so. But our primary focus is finding the best ingredients, as locally as possible.

I’m vegan. What can I eat at Mad Radish?

We are proud to offer a wide selection of vegan-friendly menu items at Mad Radish – almost 75% of our menu is vegan! To find out which menu items are vegan, just look for the green v next to the name.

I’m avoiding gluten. Which salads are safe for me?

We have a variety of menu items that do not contain gluten, but we cannot guarantee that there has not been any cross-contamination in our kitchens. To find out which salads contain gluten, just check the list of allergens at the end of the ingredient list on our website or app.

Are you a nut free restaurant?

No, we are not nut free. While we do have many menu items that do not contain nuts, we cannot guarantee that there has not been cross-contamination in our kitchens. To find out which salads contain nuts, just check the list of allergens at the end of the ingredient list on our website or app.

I’m on a diet. Which salads should I eat?

The short answer…any of them! We work hard to make sure our salads provide balanced, satisfying nutrition that won’t leave you hungry for a mid-afternoon snack. To provide detailed information for a variety of dietary needs, we call out the nutritional info of each salad on our website and app.

Read more about our nutrition philosophy here.

How can I tell which allergens are in your food?

On our website and app, we call out the following allergens at the end of each item’s ingredient list: eggs, dairy, soy, nuts, peanuts, mustard, seafood, sesame and gluten.

General Questions

Why don’t you have garbage cans in your restaurants?

All of our disposable packaging, from our cups to our bowls and cutlery, is 100% compostable or recyclable.

Why don’t you accept cash?

At Mad Radish, we want to get your food to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. So we decided to use the fastest payment options available to keep the line moving.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes! But it’s nothing like your average points-based system. At Mad Radish, you can give back to a low-income community every time you eat with us. Through our partnership with Community Food Centres Canada, we donate one serving of fresh produce every time you order with your Mad Radish account.

Learn more here.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes we do! You can purchase a Mad Radish gift card in any of our locations.

Operational Questions

Does Mad Radish deliver?

Yes! We offer delivery from most locations via UberEATS. We also offer delivery through our catering services. Learn more here.

Do you do catering for events or offices?

Yes! Our individually packaged bowls and sandwiches are the perfect solution for any event, meeting or get-together. Family-style trays also available. Learn more about catering here.

Company Questions

Is it possible to apply for a Mad Radish franchise?

We’re so glad that you asked! Write to us at for information about franchising.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept debit, Visa, Matercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Android Pay.  Plus Mad Radish gift cards, of course!