Whether you’re planning a party, scheduling a group meeting or entertaining friends and family, good food is at the heart of every great event. And Mad Radish catering takes the guesswork out of your meal planning.

Our catering trays are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, whether you serve them as a side or the main attraction. Each tray serves 5 people as a main, or 10-12 as a side. And to round out your fabulous catering spread, we’ve also got house-made brownies and our killer rosemary focaccia.

Ready to start planning your event? Here’s all the info you need to get started.

How do I order catering?

  1. Start an order on our app or at madradish.com
  2. Choose “catering” as your location
  3. Select Delivery or Pick-Up (from our Albert St. location only)
  4. Create your order

Note: For orders over $200, we ask for a minimum 24 hour notice.

In a hurry? Email us at catering@madradish.com and we will try to accommodate you.

How do I get my order?

Once you complete your order, we will have it ready and waiting for you at the Pickup Point at our Albert location, or if you selected delivery, we will send it via courier.

Can I order individual-sized salads too?

Of course! You can mix and match and items available through our app. Regular salads, family-style salads…you name it.

Are utensils included?

Yes, our catering orders include forks, knives, napkins and tongs.

Can I order drinks for catering, too?

Yes! We have a selection of tasty, all-natural bottled drinks for you to choose from.