DIY: Upgrade your Summer Sipping  

Staying hydrated in the summer is so, so important. Dehydration can lead to headaches, exhaustion and a host of other health issues – and sometimes your body doesn’t tell you it’s feeling thirsty until it’s already too late. And while some of us have no problem powering through 8 glasses of water a day, it can definitely seem like an uphill battle. So, how do we stay hydrated in style? Make it fun! Instead of regular old ice cubes, try stocking your freezer with creative and tasty options that’ll make that glass of water (or, okay, the occasional cocktail…we won’t judge) something to really look forward to.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Fruit and Herbs



When it comes to giving your water glass a makeover, fruit and herbs are an amazing place to start…especially when you combine them. These duos will give you just a hint of flavor and make a pretty, colourful addition to whatever you’re sipping. Plus, when they melt…you get to eat the fruit! Score. To make them, just tuck a small piece of fruit and your herb of choice into your ice cube tray, then carefully top up with water.

Edible Flowers


Whether they’re part of an epic brunch spread or you just want to treat yourself to the prettiest water bottle ever, these floral ice cubes are sure to make you smile through every sip. There are so many amazing edible flowers out there, from pansies to violets to nasturtiums. And how cute would this be at a wedding party? Just saying.


Okay, now we’re veering away from pure hydration and just having fun. Did you know you can freeze prosecco into ice cubes? And tuck little raspberries into each cube for a fruity surprise? And then mix it all up with more prosecco and a little raspberry syrup for the prettiest summer cocktail ever? Well…if you didn’t know, now you do. See you on the patio…


And one last little tip that’s less about hydration – and more about just making you happy. A couple weeks ago, we showed you that your daily cup of coffee can actually bring tons of health benefits, from antioxidants to reducing inflammation, as long as you’re careful about when you drink it. So, here’s a way to make your summer iced coffee even more delicious: coffee ice cubes! Doctor them up with a little cream and sugar if that’s how you like your coffee, and you’ll never deal with a diluted cuppa again.

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