Food Insecurity…and What You Can Do About it

We are proud to partner with Community Food Centres Canada, an amazing organization doing important work by providing access to good food and dignified spaces in low-income communities across Canada. CFCC also works to shed light on health and nutrition issues facing many Canadians today. One of the most surprising? Food insecurity. Believe it or not, one in eight Canadian households is food insecure, meaning they are unable to access the food they need due to financial limitations. Think about it – one in eight households means that right now, close to 4 million Canadians are struggling to put food on the table. This is a big issue – and it’s one we need to address together.

In Ontario alone, 595,000 households are food insecure, a problem that disproportionately impacts children, Indigenous people, and new immigrants. This issue is about more than just diet and nutrition – studies show that food insecure people have lower access to fresh produce and are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. And to make matters worse, they cost over twice as much to the health care system as food secure Canadians.

Unsurprisingly, food insecurity also puts a huge strain on mental health, increasing the likeliness of depression, anxiety and mood disorders in adults – and hyperactivity and inattention in children. And, once again, this makes a big impact on our health care system, with food insecure Canadians making up one-third of all mental health-related hospitalizations.

So as you can see, this issue affects every aspect of many Canadians’ lives – and with such a strain on mental and physical wellbeing, it’s a really difficult problem to come back from alone. Which is why organizations like CFCC are so critical for all of us. By creating welcoming community spaces and providing fresh, nourishing food in a dignified way, CFCC’s Community Food Centres often make all the difference in whether someone is able to get back on their feet. Just listen to this story from Cate, on how the Table CFC in nearby Perth, ON helped her get through a critical time in her life:

Want to make a difference in the lives of other Canadians who are struggling with poverty and food insecurity? You can make a donation that supports empowering food programs in low-income communities. Sign the pledge to show your support. Or join the conversation on email or on social media. And finally, every time you place an order through the Mad Radish app or on, we donate one serving of fresh produce to Community Food Centres Canada. It’s a small way to make a big difference.