How to Make Holiday Punch…Without a Recipe

A big bowl of punch is the perfect centrepiece to any holiday party. Not only is it fun, festive and delicious…it also frees you up from hand-mixing individual cocktails every time someone empties their glass. Never brewed up a big batch of punch before? You won’t believe how easy it is. It all comes down to a pretty simple formula.

750 ml alcohol
750 ml sparkling wine or cider
750 ml juice
200 – 375 ml sweetener

How easy is that? To brew it up, you can mix the alcohol, juice and sweetener in your biggest bowl (or two!) ahead of time. As your guests start arriving, gently add your sparkling wine and garnishes – then give it a quick taste and add a little more sweetener, juice or anything else it might need. And that’s it! Ladle over ice and repeat as necessary. You’re officially the most festive host ever.

For sweetener, a homemade simple syrup is best. Never made simple syrup before? It’s a cinch – and a super easy make-ahead as it’ll keep in your fridge for weeks. Just dissolve sugar into an equal part of water, and throw in any flavours or aromatics your heart desires. Cinnamon, fresh herbs, spicy chilis…the possibilities are endless.

Grapefruit juice
Rosemary-infused simple syrup
Garnish with lemon and lime slices

Dark rum
Sparkling cider
Cranberry juice
Brown sugar simple syrup
Garnish with star anise and cranberries

Orange juice
Orange and ginger-infused simple syrup
Garnish with orange slices

What’s your favourite punch combo? Write in your favourite recipe to