Why We’re Mad About Radishes

Many people ask us why we named ourselves Mad Radish. The simple answer is that we are truly mad about these magical little brassicas. What makes them so special? We love the way they look, we love the way they taste – and we love what they do for us nutritionally. If radishes aren’t already in your regular rotation, we hope we’ll inspire you to add them to your grocery list today.

Small but mighty

Simply put, radishes pack a big nutritional punch without being too heavy. One cup of raw radishes gives you 8% of your daily potassium and 7% of your daily folate, while ringing in at under 20 calories. According to a 2017 review, radishes can help protect against diabetes, thanks to insulin-regulating compounds like catechins. And the more brightly coloured varietals, such as red globe and watermelon radishes, are rich in antioxidants.

Another thing we love about radishes? They make you glow. At over 95% water, they’re one of the most hydrating vegetables around, which is key for healthy skin. Plus, they’re a great source of vitamin C, which is said to boost skin health and slow aging. Vitamin C boosts your skin’s production of collagen and helps neutralize oxidative stress, protecting your skin from UV radiation. Still not convinced? Radishes are also a great source of B vitamins, which are said to help promote a more youthful complexion. For example, the B vitamin folic acid has been shown to reduce signs of aging, and vitamin B6 reduces stress, which can prevent breakouts. Not too shabby for an unimposing little root vegetable!

And the nutritional benefits don’t end at the root – radish greens are also a super healthy addition to your diet. They’re high in fibre and low in calories, with one cup providing over 30% of your daily recommended vitamin A and 50% of your recommended vitamin C. By adding radish greens to your repertoire, you’ll be boosting your brain function, immune system and eye health.

Delicious, to boot!

So you want to incorporate more radishes into your diet (we don’t blame you), but you aren’t sure how? Here are a few tips to get you started…

  • Instead of chips and dip, make a crudité platter for a snack – and load it up with radishes
  • Add thinly sliced or shredded radishes to your favourite slaw or salad
  • Use thinly sliced radishes as a crunchy garnish for tacos, chili or your favourite soup
  • Toss thinly sliced radishes with fresh herbs and a lemon vinaigrette for a simple side dish
  • Not crazy about the peppery taste or raw radishes? Try quartering red radishes and sautéing or roasting them in olive oil with salt and garlic
  • Or, try adding sliced radishes to a stir-fry or noodle dish
  • Try sautéing radish greens with a little garlic or ginger, or stir them into a soup
  • Replace all or some of the greens in your favourite pesto recipe with radish greens

When you’re shopping for radishes, look for bunches with healthy green leaves and smooth roots that are heavy for their size. Then, to prepare your radishes for eating, just give them a good wash – no peeling required! Easy to prep, easy to eat, easy to love.