An all too familiar scene: a group of people are hungry and getting hungrier by the minute. Maybe it’s the third hour of a sales meeting or a family on a road trip or best friends catching up on a Friday night. By the time you’ve factored in everyone’s preferences, allergies, diets, restrictions and health concerns…you can’t find a single place to order from. 

Restaurants that are well adapted to modern diets know how to please a crowd. They understand the emotional and biological relationship that we have with food and their menus reflect that. Nothing makes us happier than being able to recommend something delicious for any lifestyle, culture or diet and here’s how we make it happen:


1. Flexitarian-Friendly 

Flexitarians, who primarily follow a plant-based diet but sometimes eat animal products, love menus that are full of options and easy to personalize. We’ve made it easy for our customers to select the protein of their choice, transforming any dish into a vegan or vegetarian option with the simple selection of a protein. So the beef lover in your group can indulge in a flavour-packed burrito just as easily as a vegan alternative.


2. Better Vegan Options

Vegan and vegetarian diets have been growing in popularity for years, especially among younger diners. And the problem with most restaurants is that their vegan offering is often the worst thing on the menu – an afterthought that’s neither nutritious nor delicious.  By including creative, chef-driven vegan options, we’ve helped our vegan and vegetarian customers find food they love on a menu that’s also packed with popular non-vegan options. 


3. Catering to Kids

Families with children aren’t exactly overwhelmed with great options when it comes to takeout or dining out. Chefs seem to have decided that chicken fingers and french fries are the pinnacle of kid-friendly cuisine. But at Mad Radish, we give kids a lot more credit and our nutritious and delicious Lil’ Bowls have become a go-to destination for families. By catering to the little ones, a restaurant can become a favorite spot for gatherings and family diners. 


4. Happily Halal

Of one the most beautiful things about Canada is its multicultural society. Our cities are filled with people of different faiths and cultural backgrounds and our restaurants are as varied and international as our population. Accommodating dietary requirements like halal chicken and beef fosters inclusivity with one of Ontario’s fastest growing communities. 


5. Gladly Gluten-Free 

For those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, it can be tough to find restaurants that understand their needs and take the threat of illness seriously. To make it easier for our customers, we prioritize ingredients that don’t include gluten as much as possible. Oftentimes you just need to work a little harder to find or create gluten-free options and it’s absolutely worth it to see how happy these customers are when ordering care-free. 

With an inclusive menu, group ordering becomes a snap because there is truly something for everyone. Each person gets to enjoy the healthy and delicious food they’re craving, knowing that the culinary team went above and beyond to meet their individual needs.