What’s in season? September edition.

When it comes to eating fresh, local produce, September is a bit of a head-scratcher. Is it still summer? Or is it time to trade in our berries and greens for squash and root vegetables? In a way, they’re both true. In Ontario, you can still get some amazing summer produce through September…but local fall crops are starting to show up, too. Which is why this is quite possibly the best food month of the year.

There’s still time!

Despite what the influx of pumpkin flavoured everything would have you believe…summer aint over just yet. So eat your fill of these late-summer crops while you still can – and if you really want to do a favour for your future self, freeze some for later.

Little gems: While local strawberries are long-gone, you can still find great Ontario raspberries and blueberries well into September.

A slice of sunshine: They might be the official snack of summer, but watermelon and cantaloupe are here to stay. For another couple weeks, at least…

Pitted fruits: Peaches and nectarines and plums, oh my! It’s not too late to get a taste of summer sweetest treats.

Mean greens: Though we typically associate them with spring, you can still find wonderful local green beans, cucumbers, artichokes well into the fall.

Summer’s best trio: Is there anything better than the combo of corn, zucchini and in-season tomatoes? No wonder these beloved veggies stick around until October…

Nightshades galore: From crisp peppers and fat eggplants to local nugget potatoes, this veggie family is still here to stay.

New kids on the block

Now we know what glorious summer produce is sticking around a while longer…which veggies are popping up for the first time this year? If you like hearty fruits and veggies, there’s so much to love about early fall…

Orchard treats: What do we most look forward to every September? APPLES! It’s hard to beat the juicy crunch of a just-picked local apple, from Macintosh to Honeycrisp.

Fall’s favourite side: They’re green. They’re tasty. They’re a little bit divisive. And they’re FINALLY in season. Say hello to Brussels sprouts!

The unsung roast veg: Did you know fennel is in season in September? Next time you roast some veggies, take it to the next level with a roughly chopped bulb of this tasty root.

The main attraction: Of course, it wouldn’t feel like fall without glorious piles of pumpkins, butternuts, acorns and other sweet and savoury squashes. As cozy as it gets.

So, now you know what to look for on the grocery shelves this month. What food do you look forward to every September? Write us at blog@madradish.com.